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Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™ vPro™ processor family
With Intel® Xeon® processor


Breaking all Barriers
Made in Germany, the FUJITSU CELSIUS R940 dual-core desktop workstation is optimized for extremely demanding and memory intensive multi-threaded applications.
Intel<sup>®</sup> Core™ vPro™ processor family
With Intel® Xeon® processor
Name: CELSIUS R940
Processor: Up to Intel® Xeon® processor
Operating System: Windows 8
Memory: Up to 1024 GB
Hard Disk Drives: Up to Fujitsu PCIe SSD
Graphics: NVIDIA GRID™ K2
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Additional Features

Unleash the power

  • Achieve the optimum out of any demanding application
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 family up to 2 x 22 cores, support of up to 1024 GB of DDR4 memory, SAS RAID controller as well as a Fujitsu SSD PCIe card (up to 2 x 512 GB)

Maximum expandability

  • Broad selection and configurability options
  • Broad choice of high-end professional graphic cards from AMD and Nvidia (up to two ultra-high-end or four mid-range graphic cards) and support for eight hard disk drives

Work around the clock

  • Certain components can be configured to support an extended lifetime usage
  • Selection of top-quality components and comprehensive testing in certified in-house laboratories

Made in Germany

  • Design, engineering, product management, support and production - located at the Augsburg factory in Germany
  • Optimized air flow and dedicated triple “Air Tunnel” flow results in reduced noise emissions even under full system load

Comprehensive ISV certifications

  • Full support for ISV applications and easy integration into existing IT environments
  • Maximum compatibility and performance with customer-preferred applications